Pinterest – one of the most popular social networks – finally got a messaging service that will allow its users to communicate more effectively with each other. In the springtime the company introduced a new feature called Send a Pin, which allow sharing of pins with other people both in Pinterest, and elsewhere on the

There is a rumor that Google plans to make a big change in the social network Google+. One of the results of this change will be the establishment of the function “pictures” in a separate service. Thus, Google will focus more on sharing and uploading images and will try to compete more effectively with Facebook,

In the biggest Internet store Amazon was opened 3D-printing department, called 3D Printing Store. Buyers can choose individual design from over 200 models, including plastic wallets, stamps, forms for baking brownies, variety of toys and ornaments, home accessories, kitchen accessories and much more For Printing the models Amazon is working with several companies, including Mixee Labs,

The name of your website is very important. On the one hand, it should be short, attractive and easy to remember for people on the other hand – suitable for search engines, which would rank better your website if the name contains important keyword. Some basic rules for choosing a name: It is better, if

On the Internet it is possible to buy a good reputation for less money, but scientists from Santa Barbara and Utah were determined to put an end to this   Nowadays the popularity of people, companies and organizations is measured by the number of likes and followers on social networks, says MIT Technology Review. That

On-Page SEO

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On-Page optimization is an important part of SEO.Includes everything that affects the content of your page (text, links, tags, …). Some people ignore On-Page Optimization and jumped straight into link building (gaining backlinks), but it is always better to start with On-Page optimization. In fact, you need to consider it on the website development stage.

10 mistakes in visual design

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A proper formatted content is crucial to the effectiveness of a website. Statistics show that the user needs 2 to 4 sec to determine whether the page is useful for him or not. In this article we offer a list of common mistakes in the visual layout of web pages. #1. The use of inappropriate

The advent of globalization enable the business to expand its scope, but that would not be possible without a web presence. Web sites allow potential clients to learn about the companies and their services and products. Of course, not only the business needs a web presence. Lots of professionals and artists such as singers, dancers,

The stages in creating of web sites are part of an overall process that begins with planning not only building the site, but also its development. To build your website, always think of the concept based on the specific activities of your company. Emage international ltd made websites with  an unique design for each client.

  Until recently, owning a company website was something modern,nowadays it’s a must for any modern business. A professionally designed website and reliably maintained through quality hosting service is able to reveal the true quality of your products and services to your potential customers.     Web site! One of the best forms of internet